FAQs About the Boutique

Do you have the store?

Yes, we have store. 

Address: 6828 Rue St-Hubert, Montrea, QC, Canada, H9K 2M6

What type of product do you have in the store?

We have more than 1000 wedding accessories for the bride, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride, such as Bridal Lingerie, Hair pieces, Hair combos, Hairband, Tiara, Crown, Bridal Veil, Fascinator, Hats for Bridal, Clutches and Fake fur Shawl, etc.

Are there more product varieties in-store compared to the website?


Why does the physical store have a greater variety of products compared to the website?

Because we have many products that require our customers to try on before making a purchasing decision, these products are not suitable for listing on the website.

The biggest difference between a physical store and a website is what?

Our sales personnel in the store are highly professional with extensive work experience. They have served thousands of brides, graduates, and customers with different needs. They assist in selecting suitable lingerie, hair accessories, and adornments to complete the final look. No matter how busy we are, we always strive to provide one-on-one, patient service to each customer, offering our most genuine advice for their reference.

Are prices the same online and in store?

The store determines pricing, therefore, we don’t have any control over price variation. Prices online may vary from in stores.

Do you offer price adjustments?

Boutique Mode Magicut cannot offer price adjustments. The promotional activities and prices on the website do not apply in-store. Likewise, the promotional activities and prices in-store do not apply on the website.

Do I need to book an appointment before coming?

Boutique Mode Magicut welcomes walk-in customers for in-store shopping. Our doors are open to visitors without an appointment during our regular business hours. However, to ensure we can provide you with the best service possible, we recommend booking an appointment during peak times.

Peak Times:
April to October: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

How many people can I bring with me to accompany me in choosing the products?

Our dear customers' weddings, graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, and other events are significant to us. When you are hesitant and unable to make decisions, you need a council of advisors to provide good suggestions. As a store, we understand and support this. However, the more voices there are, the more diverse ideas emerge, which can disrupt your choices because we all have different tastes and thoughts. So, what preparations should customers make before coming to the store to choose accessories or other products?

Before choosing the products, you must gather reference images and determine dress styles, venue colors, and hairstyle designs. Bring the reference images to our store and trust in our services abilities. Trust that we can give you the most impartial advice. Bring 2-3 of your most trusted friends or important people to accompany you in trying on accessories. If you believe in their taste, please invite them to attend you.

Although Boutique Mode Magicut welcomes walk-in customers for in-store shopping, our store is limited in space and cannot accommodate 20 or even more people shopping simultaneously. Therefore, we do not recommend large groups, family gatherings, or a bride with more than 10 accompanying friends who come together to advise the bride. We can only allow a maximum of 3 of the most important companions of the bride to shop in-store, while the remaining guests may need to wait outside the store.

We hope our valued customers understand our situation. Thank you very much.