About Cooperation

We are a bridal hair accessories shop in Montreal, located at PLAZA SAINT HUBER. Our boutique has been open since 2014, and we have focused on bridal hair accessories since 2017. Now, we want to expand our business and seek more opportunities. We seek cooperation with professional and local hairstylists who meet our high-end luxury products.
How do we work together

Offer free hair accessory per month

The way we work together is simple. 
We provide you with a hair accessory every month for free. 
We will send some product photos to you; you will choose the interested one. We will mail it to you. Then, we would like you to use it to do one or two bridal hairstyles with an actual model.

After, please, take some professional photos or videos, send them to us, post them on your Instagram and tag our boutique, like the sentence below "bridal accessories by @bridalshopboutiquemodemagicut." 

** The model doesn't need to show her face. We need her hairstyles with our products only. However, it would be great if the model allowed us to post her photos with her face on social media. **
This accessory is yours. You don't need to mail it back to us. 
Of course, we will not bother you during your busiest season; you can tell us in advance. When you have time to need our products, we can continue to cooperate.

2.Coupon Code for your client

We will make an exclusive discount code for your clients. They will get 10%off if they shop for over 50$. 

The most common problem in the sales process is that customers need to learn what bridal hairstyles are available; and which hairstyle should match which hair accessory design is correct. So, our cooperation can give customers a good show. Various hairstyle pictures and accessories displayed can stimulate customers' desire to consume because they think we are professional. 
What will we do?
Our boutique has a monthly Ads budget for Facebook and Instagram. We do SEO for our website as well. There is also a digital Signage Display in the retail store windows that can scroll through the pictures you provide and the information about your store. We tag your salon information when we send your photos on our Instagram.

If you want to know more about our boutique, you can search Boutique Mode Magic on Google.

Our clients love our products, service, and boutique.

Be awesome!

Thank you for your time to read.😄