About Us

Boutique Mode Magicut is a Montreal-based women's fashion company with satisfied customers and consumers all over Canada. We have been designing and distributing women's fashion lingeries, articles of clothing, accessories, Wedding Trimmings for over six years, and have been dedicated to creating a one-stop-shop for women who love to be pretty and eager for daily fashions at a reasonable price. Our clothing and lingerie are dreamily made to fit different bodies, as they are "magic cut".

If you love fashion and want to find some new fashion items. You also can visit our Boutique, which located in Montreal. Our customers have often told us how they love to match their lingerie with a lovely piece of clothing! No need to be worried! Our collection of clothing is there for you! Dresses, leggings, blouses, we carry hundreds of styles of garments for you to choose, where you could wear on different occasions!

In 2016, we launched a new range, which is wedding product collection. There are include wedding accessories, wedding gifts, wedding lingerie, lace trims, lace appliques, and rhinestone items. We offer a big showroom on the 2nd floor of our boutique, which has more than 1000 wedding accessories and wedding gifts for the bride, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride. We hope that we can offer you a convenient environment to complete your wedding outfit!

As we said: your passion for fashion is our motivation! 


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