Graceful white Color Flower, Leaves for decorates Bridal Dress, Veil, Accessories Style#: 01F17049 10 pieces/lot

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A graceful white color flower leaves for decorates bridal dress, veil, and accessories.

Style#: 01F17049

Material: Polyester,


#1 Flower Off-White 5 Petals Diameter 4 cm,  

#2 Flower Pink 5 Petals Diameter 4 cm,

#3 Flower Off-White 6 Petals Diameter 3.5cm,  

#4 Flower Pink 6 Petals Diameter 3.5cm,

#5 Leaves 4cm*8cm,


#1 10 pieces,  about  2g

#2 10g,  about  70pcs

#3 10 g  about  50pcs

Color: Off-White,

The price is for 10g


From: Montreal, QC, Canada.

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